Uninstall LinkEX

Created: Jan 11, 2008

You might end up in a situation where you no longer need LinkEX on your website.
No problem, LinkEX is really easy to uninstall.

First make sure you do not include any of the output files on your website, or you will have errors because you include file(s) that no longer exists.

Now simply delete the whole LinkEX folder.

That's it, LinkEX has been uninstalled.

I cannot delete the folder

On some servers you do not have the permission to delete the folders and/or files because it has been created by the webserver, with the webserver's user and permissions.
You might try and set the permissions on the folder with your FTP client, and then try delete it again.
If you still cannot delete it, please consult your hosting provider and have them delete it using a super user account with sufficient permissions.